Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Should your Startup be based on your passion?

Could it be based on anything else but your passion? It might be! But then, that would never have the potential to be a spark that lights up the standard commercial model and turns into a new wave. Yes! It is passion that leads to path-breaking innovation. When it is accompanied by hordes and hordes of hard work! What do we mean by hordes? It is the contribution of a team of people who sync into your passion and pitch in to turn the idea into commercial fruition. Therein lies the crux of entrepreneurship! Building a team that connects with your passion.
Startup Entrepreneur Team
A startup can be a garage-outfit at its inception but very soon it will need to make its move into the cool new office. This is the moment when an entrepreneur taking big risks has received financial backing and is moving on to stage two. At this point, it is passion that makes the concept fully flower into reality. Outfits that sustain their passion into their journey are the ones who make it to the crème -de-la-crème of technology and business. When your passion permeates the work place, it sets in motion a continuous storehouse of energy that keeps the team focused on transforming your passion into a business.
Love your business
How do you do it? It works out when you are having the drive to be totally in charge through every new learning and every new application of the learning. What triggers a successful venture is passion at the outset and passion all through. What does passion mean when you have a setup that is well to commercial operation. It needs a focus on visualizing the development curve of the outfit over the next 365 days and into the next 3650 days. When you have a vision for the long term in place, that is when your build capabilities are most effective. Love your business just as you love your family. Be aware that it is a labour of love and that each day is the greatest.
Prepare for failure
This is what is most important. Be ready for failure not as a bad event but as a fundamental part of the process. Setbacks and failures are inherent to business. Your passion must include the chutzpah to realize this. So, always be ready for failure and keep the basics of a way out ready. For this ability, it is essential to retain the thought that the idea always lives on. It can take one avatar that might stutter but it will come back to life in another avatar. The journey is always being improved and soon you have a tough-as-nails outfit that makes a flawless landing.
Passion to overcome pain
There comes a time when you would feel let down either by your financial backers or members of your team. The overall economy might have its own fits and starts. When you have put in the hard work to build brick by brick, you have a fully evolved and developed idea that stays on its feet and stands up tall to full success and acclaim.
Enjoy the journey
There is a great deal of learning, unlearning and brainstorming to be done to build up over the solid foundation that is made of your passion. Be ready for work, a whole lot of it, and enjoy every step of it. Never ever be totally assured of what is the best way. You will never know what is possible as long as you are sure. Always be unsure. But, keep that passion for your idea as your most assured capital. It is this capital that is in short supply and which gives rise to the most exciting companies that arrive on the scene each year.

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